Thursday, May 22, 2008

National Security Militias Assault a Woman.

This alert was banned from publishing in local Bahraini newspapers:

National Security Militias Assault a Woman to Settle Political Scores with the Opposition

The Security Administration of the Minister of Royal Court is responsible for public disturbance and damaging Bahrain's image in human rights

Without any warning or proper reason, some mercenary militias from the Bahraini Security Forces stopped Miss Sajida Ali Ben Ahmed Aljadhafsy on Tuesday 15 April 2008 while she was in her car at the Sanabes Area. The forces surrounded Sajida's car and asked her to get out, then they started beating her in different parts of the body, kicking her in the waist, wounding her at the face with piece of glass.
They left her suffering from the pain until one of her family member came to help her and took her to Salmania Hospital. These are the injuries reported by the medical examination. On the next day Sajida reported to the General Prosecutor, how ever the Prosecution Office turned her report against her and considered it a false accusation against security authorities.

Sajida, who is a 21 years old university student, is the daughter of one of the main opposition figures in Bahrain, Mr Ali Ben Ahmed Aljadhafsy, who spent years in prison during the 1990's without charges or convection. Aljadhafsy is known of his criticism to the government and the intervention of the Minister of the Royal court in relation to some political issues such as the constitutional crises, political nationalization of citizens, discrimination and poverty. He also criticized the security bodies headed by the Minister, which is believed to be the reason behind the assaults of his daughter Sajida by security forces.

The Women's Petition Committee address its letter to the head of the state, King Hamad Ben Essa Al Khaifa, to draw his attention to the dangerous deeds carried out by the secret network headed by the Minister of his court, Khaled Bin Ahmend Al Khalifa and his cousin Ahmed Ben Attiya Al Khalifa, with the aid of the vice-president of the National Security Authority, Marshal Adel Alfadel. WPC believes that this network is responsible for causing security disturbance, shaking the citizens confidence in the regime through assaulting women and children using mercenary militias brought by Khaled Bin Ahmed Al Khalifa from Iraq, Syria, Jordan.

The assaults on peaceful women by foreign militias by the orders of the National Security is a shameful deed, and challenge the seriousness of any talks about women's rights in Bahrain, especially that Bahrain will soon go through a review process by the Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women in coming October.
Accordingly, the Women’s Petition Committee demanding the following:

1- Forming an investigation committee on the assaults incident on Miss Sajida Ali Aljadhafsy. This committee should include representatives of human rights organizations known of their impartiality.
2- Presenting the perpetrators on the assault incident to justice, in addition to proper reparations and restoring all her rights.
3- Minister of the Royal Court shall refrain from using security forces to serve his personal goals and harm the public interest. Settling scores with opposition through targeting their families is denounced by norms and law.
4- WPC demands to put an end to bringing mercenaries to work in different ministries of the state, and to ratify the International Convention on the Recruitment, Use, Financing and Training of Mercenaries.
5- The government should stop targeting activists and opposition figures by the orders of The Security Administration of the Minister of Royal Court.
6- Releasing all the detainees, especially children, and to release all prisoners of conscience and Human Rights activists.
7- Opening a serious dialogue with different society forces, which is the ideal solution to the political crises facing Bahrain now.

Women's Petition Committee
16 May 2008

For more information please contact:

Ghada Jamsheer
Head of the Women's Petition Committee
Tel: 0097339680807

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