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Minister of the Royal Court Khaled Ben Ahmed Al Khalifa and the political enmity.

Minister of the Royal Court Khaled Ben Ahmed Al Khalifa and the political enmity.

This alert was banned from publishing in local newspapers:

The person who reaches out asking for freedom is neither a beggar nor a demanding. He is indeed seeking one of his human rights stolen from him by the greediness of humankind. If he attains it, he shall not owe gratitude or gratefulness to anyone.
In our society (the Kingdom of Bahrain) two real men identical in names and affiliation, but different in consciousness and humanitarian feelings, the first is the Minister of the Royal Court Khaled Ben Ahmed Al Khalifa and the second the Minister of Foreign Affairs Khaled Ben Ahmed Al Khalifa.
Respect, colleagueship, and good memories tied me to the Minister of Foreign Affairs during my college studies in the United States of America, in the state of Texas. He is a particularly likeable man loved by everybody. We hoped from his highness the minister to continue on the right path preserving his independent good nature; and not to get corrupted in ways of deceptiveness. We also wished that his modern progressive ideas not be bashed by the grains of evil resulting from following the imposed ideas by the minister of the Royal Court Khaled Ben Ahmed Al Khalifa, whose ideas are harmful for the mind and a deformation of feelings.
The interview on Friday, 16th November 2007 with the minister of Foreign Affairs on the Bahrain Television, in which he said that he “defies those who pretend that in Bahrain some people go to their bed at night without dignity knowing they are persecuted” and he added: “many human rights activists are in Bahrain and they don’t feel threatened”. He also spoke about the decency of the judicial board and the case of political refugees.
Dear college colleague: you said this speech while knowing that it is unrepresentative; it doesn’t reflect your thoughts but it is the echoing of the words of the Royal Court Minister which deforms the truth and veil the reality.
The minister of the Royal Court made an iron barrier between him and the respectable people, between the activists and the press.
He manipulate all forms of press, national and international, of those he was able to buy, as example preventing me from appearing in the press; by that, he was trying to bind my work in the humanitarian field, and in the human rights and freedom activism. This minister wishes to see the people kneeling at his feet and begging him. He doesn’t want reform in this society but he wants to humiliate the citizens of this country.
He stationed members of the national security forces which he supervises personally (the secret services) in front of the houses of the activists amongst them my own house in order to spy on us. Does in it count as a violation of the privacy and the sanctity of homes?
This is an illustration of the excesses of his individualistic lunatic personality which plots conspiracies. It is his way of dealing with the opposition and the political enmity. He follows the motto divide and rule; therefore he separates between the followers of the two respectful confessions (the Sunni and the Shiite) and moreover he follows this within the same confession, between the sons of the Arab tribes and the Arab Halwas, he also separates between the classes within the ruling family.
It is hard for me dear college colleague to see you following the footsteps of a ghost on the road with an unknown destination.
In conclusion, going back to the National Labor Convention and its positive principles and articles, let’s collaborate and unite to apply the elements which help and benefit the country. And there is a follow up to this conversation…


Ghada Yusef Jamsheer
Head of the Women's Petition Committee
Tel: 0097339680807

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Abdee said...

To Minister of the Royal Court Khaled Ben Ahmed,

Subject: Request for The Help of Bahrain Visa's of family.

Respected Sir I Taj –Al-Nasa have Bahraini' passport Passport No.134420 and C.P.R. 470403713 i I have been living in Bahrain i applied the Bahrain royal court my Husband and Children nationality is approved by the Royal court kingdom of Bahrain Nationality of Bahraini approved i want to help from the Minister of the Royal Court Khaled Ben Ahmed,
to get My Family re-entery visa's from Bahrain embassy in Pakistan, I request your kindness to please kindly investigate on merit, and I do not need to conflict with anyone in Bahrain I need Justice only
I humbly request you to consider my application and interfere in this matter and use your influence to get me justice. Hoping for favorable Reply
Taj –Al-Nasa Baighum
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